About Us

We provide products to help reach your littlest patients in a fun and new way. We can help your staff measure, dispense, and support your patients on a whole new level. You spend a lot of time determining what your patient needs, but let’s face it when we are talking about kids it’s what happens in between visits that really matters. It matters whether or not the child is wearing their glasses, using their bifocals properly and complying with the prescribed occlusion therapy.

Is It Gonna Hurt publisher’s is owned and operated by Danielle D. Crull ABOM, a Master Optician specializing in pediatrics for more than 25 years. Danielle has the experience and knowledge to help your littlest patients succeed in all of your recommendations. Our products have been developed out of real “needs.” When we see a need arise, we find the best and most child-friendly ways of solving it.

Who's who?

Danielle D. Crull is an American Board of Opticianry (ABO) Master Certified Optician who specializes in fitting children's glasses. She has been an optician since 1988 and has owned her own optical dispensary, A Child's Eyes, since 2001. She is the writer of "Apple Patty Patches" and "Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals". She is married and has three children, all of whom work in her business.

Jax Good, Danielle's daughter, illustrated "Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals", her first book. She is an ABO Certified Optician and works at A Child's Eyes with her family. In her spare time she ministers to youth and plays in a percussion band, "This Way Up", with her brothers.

Max Crull, Danielle's oldest son, digitally produced "Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals", his first book. He is also an ABO Certified Optician working at A Child's Eyes. He plays in "This Way Up" with his sister and brother. Max also manages all the IT concerns, the many websites and computers in the business and makes all the eyewear.