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Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals
Comes with Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals book, a pack of blue stickers for your child's glasses, and a special parents-only solution spy glass. If you enter your child's name, you will recieve a personalized copy signed by Danielle Crull addressed to your child.
Shipping: $5.50
Include Complementary Cleaning Cloth
Child's Name
Blue Sticker Replacement Pack
96 pc. pack of blue stickers designed for use with Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals. Includes an extra copy of the parents only spyglass.
Shipping: $2.00

Complementary Cleaning Cloth & Spray
A FREE cleaning cloth and spray for cleaning residue off of your child's glasses before and after reading Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals.
With any purchase of "Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals". Just click on the checkbox labeled "Include Complementary Cleaning Cloth" to include it with your order.
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