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My name is Danielle and I have my own optical dispensary, A Child's Eyes, in south-central Pennsylvania. I focus exclusively on fitting children, so over the past 12 years I have fit thousands of children with glasses, a great many of them in bifocals.
One of the main concerns I hear from doctors all the time is that when children have bifocals in their glasses they don't use them correctly. In addition to that, parents tell me over and over that they don't know if their child is using the bifocal, or even how to tell. "Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals" addresses these concerns in a fun and innovative way.
The book is designed so that if you follow it correctly, you will not only know when your child is using their bifocals well, but also will learn how to recognize what proper bifocal usage looks like. You will see how normal head movements track and be able to see when your child is not using the bifocals properly, or later on if he or she might be developing bad habits due to poor fitting.
When you receive your book, start reading the story about how Banana Bobby gets his new bifocals. When you reach the Banana Bobby's Bifocal Adventure section in the middle of the book, put the blue stickers on right over the bifocal in your child's lenses. The stickers are specially made to not harm the lenses.
Since the film filters out the blue part of the spectrum, your child will soon realize that there are images hidden all through the blue parts in the book! Now he or she will be able to find the hidden images in the book, but only when they look are looking through their bifocals properly. You can join in on the fun by using the enclosed spy glass (this is for moms, dads and sibs only).
By completing the adventure, you will be teaching your child how to use their bifocals without them ever even knowing it! Just as important, you will begin to see the natural head movements associated with using their bifocals correctly.
The fun doesn't even end there...we're putting the finishing touches on an Ipad app to show the continuing adventures of Banana Bobby and extra activity pages are available right here on the website.
I recommend using this book every day for the first week when your child gets their bifocals. After that, get the book out from time to time whenever you are concerned that they may have stopped using the bifocals well. In my experience, bad habits usually develop when your child's frames get bent and come out of adjustment. To make sure your child is always using the bifocal, take your child back to the optician to get the glasses adjusted early and often.
The Authors
Danielle D. Crull is an American Board of Opticianry (ABO) Master Certified Optician who specializes in fitting children's glasses. She has been an optician since 1988 and has owned her own optical dispensary, A Child's Eyes, since 2001. "Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals" is her second children's book concerning vision problems. Her first was "Apple Patty Patches", which is about amblyopia and occlusion therapy. She is married and has three children, all of whom work in her business.
Jax Crull, Danielle's daughter, illustrated "Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals", her first book. She is an ABO Certified Optician and works at A Child's Eyes with her family. In her spare time she ministers to youth and plays in a percussion band, "This Way Up", with her brothers.
Max Crull, Danielle's oldest son, digitally produced "Banana Bobby Gets Bifocals", his first book. He is also an ABO Certified Optician working at A Child's Eyes. He plays in "This Way Up" with his sister and brother. Max also manages all the IT concerns, the many websites and computers in the business and makes all the eyewear.
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